Shanghai Masters League Football Association


The 9th Shanghai Masters Cup

11-a-side Veterans tournament November 4, Sat, 2017

Let's enjoy soccer games and international friendships among 40-year-old and over players from many different countries! China, Korea, Europe, Japan and Multi-national teams have joined!


SMC 2017 was broadcast on  ICS channnel of Shanghai TV on December 10!

Results of 2017

Champion: Shanghai Emerald FC (International)

2nd The Lions Legends (International)

3rd Shanghai Japan Football Club (Japan)

Curry Steven (Emerald FC)

Top scorer:
Hirai (Shanghai Japan Football Club)

Iron man (the eldest scorer):

Matsumoto (Tokyo Univ. Super 58)

Thanks for joining,

FERIE (Japan)

Pudong United・Pures・STROSSO (Japan)

Shanghai Architect (China)

Super 4050 (Korea)

Suzhou Kickers (Japan)

Tokyo Univ. Super 58 (based in Japan)


FC Shanghai Super F & G (Japan, organizer)

(alphabetical order)
Cup Summary of 2017


Tianma Country Club ground

3958 Zhao Kun Road, Tianma, Songjiang Qu Shanghai.

Organizer/ Contact

FC Shanghai Super 48


Participant Qualifications
Over or equal to 40 years old by the end of this year.

2) Players aged 35 or above are allowed to join as under age players. The number of under age players is limited to 2 players or less at the same time in the pitch.  

3) No limitations for Women

4) Persons who can follow and respect rules, judges and opponents

General Rule
Follow FIFA regulations
2) The
Committee will judge if suspending games due to weather conditions
3) Players requested to leave with a red card by referees must leave the field immediately.
ommittee will make a decision if those players can join further games or not.
4) No sliding tackles (direct free kick, and yellow or red card)

5) At a same match, a same player can go out and come back to a pitch by substitue with no time limitations. Substitute players can go into a pitch only after permission by referee at game stop as usual.

1) Smoking limited around designated area by the
2) No littering allowed. (Please throw them to trash boxes)

Game Rule

1) One game consists of 20
minutes X 1 (No 2nd half). Only the final has 10 minites extension in case of draw during 20 minites.
Qualifying Game (Group Stage)
 - All the teams will have qualifying games in each group.
 - The rank in each group will be decided with points, win 3, draw 1 and lost 0 points.
 - In case of same points, order will be decided by Goal Difference, Total Goals,
Direct Team Game Result and Drawing Lot in order.
Tournament Game
 - Winners of draw games will
be decided by PK of 3 players".  

Dress Code

1) All team members must wear same uniform.  
If opponent team color is same or similar, away uniform or bibs
should be used.
2) Players with ornaments such as necklace
, rings in the game field
will be asked to taken them off for safety reason by referees.
3) All players must wear shin guards.
4) Players with glassed must wear sport goggles.


Each team should take responsibility on own mem
bers injury.

Under the auspices of

Shanghai Consulate-General of Japan

Shanghai Japanese Commerce & Industry Club

Organizer FC Shanghai Super 48

We are organizing Shanghai Masters League and Shanghai Masters Cup, both of which have age regutations.

league: 35 years old and over

cup: 40 years old and over

(no limitation for female players)

Younger players can join under some UA regulations.

Please free to contact us at your interest!

FC Shanghai Super 48